Distance education in Shimla

Distance education in Shimla

Distance Education in Shimla is one of the leading educational groups in India. The purpose of establishing this institute was to improve higher education through distance learning. We provide you with all the information regarding the various programmes of these universities in Shimla for all the undergraduate & post-graduate courses of universities. We are the elevated admission consultant in Shimla; we provide cost-effective admissions and various higher education programmes.

Join Us Now! We provide quality education to our students as we are dedicated to bringing them a bright and successful future. We also conduct counselling sessions for our young candidates under the operation head where we find out the best interest of the students as per their previous education and experience and then, we offer them the most convenient career programs.

What is Distance Education?

Distance Education can help you to get the best education in less waste of energy and time at affordable fees. Distance Education is becoming very popular nowadays all over the world due to many benefits. It is the most convenient way of teaching where education can be given to thousands of students or professionals located in different places. Anyone can register in distance education courses easily while working; they can be students, graduates or employees.

Education means discovering and experiencing new things at every step of your life. As we grow we need to know and examine more, if we want to achieve some position in our society. The mantra for continuation is the right career decisions made at the right time!

However, with the support of this distance education, the student would also get ease that they can easily clear their course exams within several months or even years would reasonably be added to the total time that the student will need to complete the course.

You just have to fill simple query form given on the right side of the page and we will revert you back within 24 hours or you can simply dial us at the given numbers for instant assistance. Our professional team will help you to get the best course or institutes in Shimla.

Courses Offered By Distance education in Shimla

Due to the growing demand for distance education, many educational institutions have started distance learning courses. Working-class as well as millions of students opt for this mode of education. In Shimla, it is offered by many reputed institutions/Universities. Distance learning courses starting from certificate level to postgraduate level can be done by the students. Courses are offered in the field of technology, management, etc.

Distance UG Courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • B.Sc. Information Technology (B.Sc IT)
  • Distance PG Courses:
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Application (MCA)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology(M.Sc IT)
  • Master in Interior Design
  • Master in Fashion Management & Design (MFM)
  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)

Dual Degree Courses:

  • Executive Diploma in International Business Management + MBA
  • Extended Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership + MBA
  • PG Diploma Courses:
  • PG Diploma in Business Administration
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)
  • PG Diploma in Information Technology
  • PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

The Need and Importance of Distance Education in Shimla

In a developing country like India, education is still a dream for many. Though we are living in the 21st century there are lots of barriers in the formal education system. As formal education is not so economical Non-Formal education system is gaining more popularity in recent years. Distance learning is a modern way of learning allowing students to study within their own space and time without being physically present in the school/college/university. As distance learning plays an important role in today’s education system it has increased the number of programmes year on year.

Here are some ways where distance education can help the nation:

1. Take up an Important Job:

Distance learning gives you a relative advantage over time. Jobs that make a favourable contribution towards the nation are always a matter of priority. Distance learning helps the students with flexible studying hours which can help them to continue the job of their interest without any barrier and can contribute towards the nation’s overall development.

2. More Skilled Individuals Lead to More Development:

Distance learning not only helps you to upgrade your skills but also helps you to earn more. This, in turn, will help you to multiply the countries skilled workforce which in the lieu makes a greater contribution to the GDP of the country.

3. Indulge in a Sport:

Many drop their sports career as they have to continue their studies. Well, distance learning can help you to fulfill your dreams without any obstacles. You can practice your sport and can represent your country at the international level without dropping your education. This will help the country to produce global sportsmen.

4. Convenient Education Medium for Women:

Some Indian families have a narrow mindset regarding women’s education. Therefore some women are forced to drop their education halfway and are made to marry without completing their education. Open education gives women a golden chance to study again and achieve their dreams and contribute to the growth of the nation.

5. Multi-Talented Professionals:

Correspondence Education helps students to take up various courses that are not available in the colleges from their direct geographical vicinity. The student can complete his course just by sitting in any place. This can help to create multi-talented professionals.

6. Pocket-Friendly Fee Structure:

Distance education is always economical in nature as it doesn’t burden the students and their parents. These help the student to invest their funds into some other productive medium that could help the nation in one way or the other.

Distance Education is one of the latest educational trends helping lots of candidates to achieve their dreams with minimum effort. Distance Education is making life easy for many candidates by coming to their doorsteps. The open education system is helping to increase the literacy rate of the country.

Benefits of Distance Education in Shimla

  • Inexpensive
  • No age bar
  • Opted from any place and from any institution.
  • Working-class can also take correspondence learning for improving their career prospects.
  • As a distance education student, you are free from the study load and tension of attending full-time classes.

Why Distance Learning in Shimla?

Most people take distance mode for higher education while they are working. Their main motive behind opting the distance education is to upgrade skills and put the same into practise at work. But it doesn’t mean that a student who is not currently working can’t take the distance course. Distance education is inexpensive and provides opportunities for aspirants to enhance their qualifications and growth in career options.

Candidates pursuing distance education for different courses always have doubts and fear about the validity of their degree and scope in distance education. Here, we are clearing your doubts and myths regarding correspondence learning.

Career & Jobs

Correspondence learning may lead to a better career and scope if took it seriously and efficiently.

In developing countries like India, distance education has immense scope. It is consistently increasing with the passage of years.

When it comes to employment, students’ concern about jobs and career scope is automatically raised. Employment opportunities and jobs in India after correspondence learning are vast.

Many students have an image about the validity of their degrees. They think that they do not get a good job with correspondence learning as compared if he/she opted for regular courses. Students this is not true. Your degree is also valid.

The Distance Education (DEB) of the UGC in its standards and guidelines has clearly mentioned that distance education courses approved by DEB are valid for employment and services under the Central Government of India.


"Distance education in Shimla"

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