Distance BBA Education in Mohali: Distance BBA is an ideal option for those candidates who are not able to pursue a regular BBA program due to some reasons. There was a time when there were only a few colleges that offered a distance BBA program, but the scenario has changed now due to the increasing demand for online / distance education in India.

A major advantage of pursuing the distance BBA is its inexpensive free structure. The annual fee structure of the Distance BBA program is relatively low compared to the regular BBA program. Distance BBA allows students to complete their bachelor’s without actually going to colleges. They can attend their classes right from home. This article will provide you with the eligibility criteria, placements, and top colleges offering Distance BBA in Mohali.

What is Distance BBA?

Distance BBA is a 3-year undergraduate degree consisting of 6 semesters. The course that opens to make a career in the business and corporate world is Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA. BBA Distance Education is designed for students who have done 10 + 2 from any background and want to pursue an impressive career as a manager and business leader. The BBA lays a student inside with professional knowledge and management skills.

The BBA helps a student understand the business insights and entrepreneurship skills that are the skills needed to become the industry leader of the future and the BBA Distance Education is a career booster for individuals who pursue regular mode BBA through colleges or universities Can not chase.

Eligibility Criteria of Distance BBA Education in Mohali

Candidates looking for admission to the Distance BBA program can check the eligibility criteria of Distance BBA provided below.

  • Candidates must have passed 12th from any recognized institution
  • Those who have completed a diploma in the relevant branch may also apply for admissions

Higher Studies and Courses after Distance BBA Education in Mohali

Many students prefer to go for higher studies after completing the BBA course. Since the BBA is a well-recognized 3-year undergraduate degree course, it allows candidates to seek higher study options in many fields. Here are some popular courses to consider after completing a BBA.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA): An MBA degree is one of the best options after completing MBA.

A BBA graduate may go for an MBA for the following reasons:

  • to specialize in a particular sector.
  • to increase market-value and earnings.
  • becoming eligible for better career opportunities.

Master of Management Studies (MMS): MMS is a course quite similar to MBA and offers similar benefits.

Bachelor of Law (LLB): Pursuing LLB is another interesting choice for BBA graduates and many prefer it to gain entry into the field of Corporate Law.

Bachelor of Education (BEd): Management graduates who wish to take up academic roles have to go for a BEd degree. After that, they become eligible to join educational institutes as per their qualifications and interests.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM): PGDM shares an almost common course curriculum with an MBA degree. However, PGDM has more specializations and can be a much more dynamic course than an MBA. Check the differences between MBA and PGDM to know more.

Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM): PGPM is a 1-year certificate course that is designed while keeping in mind the needs of the working professionals.

Chartered Accountant: BBA graduates gain plenty of theoretical knowledge in the fields of economics and accounts, which makes them good candidates for a Chartered Accountant (CA) course.

Why should one pursue a Distance BBA Education in Mohali?

1. It’s a Versatile Degree
A BBA degree is not just about getting the degree for the job you want. It is considered too much. While most degrees, especially at the undergraduate level, are more about theory, BBA degrees are a combination of theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development. You also learn many different skills that will make you a professional and set you up for success.

2. Multiple Disciples Covered
In the BBA degree, a vast array of subjects is covered which will make you a knowledgeable professional and will give you many options to pursue a career. The various disciplines covered in the BBA degree are Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Behavior.

3. Professional Degree
The BBA is a fully professional degree that interests students who are serious about pursuing careers in business and management. Students can get posted in good companies only after obtaining their BBA degree. There is no need to get expensive master’s degrees that teach you a lot, the same things that you will learn on the job. BBA holders have the highest employment rates compared to other undergraduate degrees.

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4. Stepping Stone for MBA
Graduates from all different streams can join the MBA course, but if you are a BBA graduate, you will fare much better than others. BBA is excellent preparation for an MBA. You are mostly taught the same things, but you delve much deeper into the subject in an MBA. This way, you know the fundamentals well and are better prepared. Also, the MBA is where you have to choose your specialization, so with a BBA, your career path is much clearer to you.

5. High Salary & Benefits
A high salary, combined with excellent benefits, is one of the main goals of most professionals. A BBA degree makes it possible. With this degree, you open the doors to the best managerial and administrative occupations where salaries and benefits are the best. You get promotions very quickly, and when you switch companies, you can also increase salaries, but it depends on your negotiating skills.

Highlights of Distance BBA Education in Mohali

BBA for all: Distance BBA can be pursued by anyone who is interested in going for higher studies and enhance their skill set. Be it a student, a working professional, or a mother who is on maternity leave. All you need to be a graduate.

Learn with Flexibility: Unlike a rigid class schedule, attendance, and physical presence in the regular BBA, distance BBA is tremendously flexible. You can attend the online class anywhere and anytime you want. So, you can easily manage the class timings of your distance BBA courses according to your daily duties and responsibilities.

Benefits of doing Distance BBA Education in Mohali

BBA Course grants quick opportunities for gaining professional skills
As you exit your school life, you will be pushed closer to the management domain. The course will help you to acquire management skills and help you understand the knowledge of risk-taking and decision making as a leader. This further intensifies your strategic thinking and the various stages of running a business or becoming an entrepreneur.

Pursuing BBA makes you financially independent with less investment rather than doing MBA
Another advantage of doing a BBA is it gives you a chance to become independent at an early age. Do you want to pursue a career in the business world or become an important part of a reputed organization? We recommend you to invest in a BBA course instead of doing an MBA after graduation. It will take about 5 long years after graduation to do MBA and you will have to spend a huge amount. BBA Course requires only 3 years and lesser fees to get into the desired profession.

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BBA Course covers a comprehensive phase of basic management
During the 3-year period, the BBA course helps you learn basic management ideas extensively. The program covers broad topics ranging from finance and marketing management, business economics, business law, accounting theory, IT and computer fundamentals, and more. The BBA is not just a degree, but is, in fact, a holistic path towards management.

BBA Course is a vast managerial position oriented program
The BBA course enables you to manage large organizations and qualifies you for large managerial job opportunities. If a fresh BBA graduate is involved, you will be an officer, operations manager, loss prevention manager, cost estimator, supply chain and sales manager, and so on.

BBA Course develops a management-focused strategy from the very beginning
Properly completing the BBA syllabus will be beneficial for your school as you have a higher learning capacity and you will be able to understand everything easily. From the very beginning, the BBA course will help you establish management-oriented strategies. Unlike doing an MBA after graduation, you do not need to unlearn the things you learned while pursuing a BBA course.

Job Opportunities after Distance BBA Education in Mohali

Finance and Accounting: Finance and Accounting departments are other areas where BBA graduates shine. There are several key areas in this sector in which a BBA graduate can look for career options.

Human Resource Management: HR departments are a must in all major organizations and businesses. HR Management is taught as part of the BBA course curriculum and businesses prefer BBA graduates for this department.

Banks, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Sector: BFSI is one of the major recruiters for BBA graduates. The finance, accounting, and economic skills learned during the course are of high requirement in this sector.

Sales & Marketing: Marketing is another popular area of recruitment for BBA graduates. Private organizations and startups often hire BBA freshers for entry-level positions. While these positions don’t offer the most alluring of salary packages, they do provide excellent learning opportunities and experience.

Tourism Management: Candidates who have an interest in traveling can look for a career in this sector after completing their BBA.