Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh: The Bachelor of Business Administration program is an undergraduate course that teaches you the basics of management. BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and BBA is its abbreviation. The duration of the course is 3 years but it varies on colleges/universities. Because distance education provides different maximum duration for the course. The course is mainly divided into semesters and the syllabus is of six semesters.

Here are the Best Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

Unicom Institute of Education

Unicom Institute of Education is a distance learning centre located in Chandigarh, India. We offer distance learning courses for various degrees including MBA, M. Sc. Physics, B.Com, BA, DMS, PGDBM, MA, MAF, Diploma in IT Engineering, CPA, Industrial Management, etc. We attempt to serve our customers from various walks of life and hence give Diploma, Degree and Certification courses. from six months to more than two years. We offer study material, online admission and online fee payment for the convenience of the customers. Contact us to get a cost-effective distance education service.

Contact Details of Unicom Institute of Education

Address: Sco-96, Top Floor, Phase Xi, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160059

Collage Phone Number: +919021117734

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2nd out of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

KBS Education Pvt. Ltd.

KBS Education Pvt. Ltd., now we are happy to say that KBS EDUCATION has become one of the best consulting firms in the field of education, where students can avail all academic education-related services in one place. The vision is to provide the globally right guidance to the youth through technology resources and knowledge mentorship. The academic and professional excellence of the company primarily lies in its human resources. We are proud of our team which has a judicious blend of rich experience and cutting-edge knowledge to operate. The department heads and senior and highly qualified professionals with experience and experience provide expert guidance to all the candidates.

Contact Details of KBS Education Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Chandigarh, India

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3rd out of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

Sagplan Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Sagplan Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was formed with the objective of providing quality education for a better India. We help students pursue a range of courses in various fields including Journalism and Mass Communication, Law, Education, Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Agriculture and Horticulture, Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Research, etc. We strive to provide high-quality education to our students. We also provide guidelines for completing professional programmes, regular programs in part-time or remote mode. Sagplan Consulting has tied up with various Indian Universities in the areas of Distance Education, Online Education.

Contact Details of Sagplan Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Chandigarh, India

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4th out of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh


ICAII, established in 1993, is a Chandigarh-based institute that aims at providing better training to students in and around the region. We specialize in providing regular and distance learning services for MBA. We offer distance learning courses for various degrees. We also provide training for SBI PO Exam, IBPS Clerk Exam, IBPS PO Exam, VRO Exam, DSSSB Exam, PWD / CPWD Exam, Law UGC NET Exam, IAS Exam, IPS Exam, PGT Exam, Defense / Police Exam, SSC Exam We do. MA/M.Sc Entrance Exam, JEE Exam, etc. Apart from this, we also provide animation and multimedia coaching. We have excellent teachers who are well versed in various fields to provide a comprehensive education to the patrons. Contact us to receive our affordable classes.

Contact Details of ICAII

Address: No. 2266, ICAII Mohali Campus, Phase 7, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160059

Collage Phone Number: 098766 13092

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5th out of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh

Arth Prakash Institute

Arth Prakash Educational Society (Registered), Arth Prakash Sansthan (API) offers India’s most preferred degree/diploma courses under distance mode through UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD, Govt. Recognized and approved distance learning universities of India, where you can do undergraduate and postgraduate programs in diverse streams like MBA, MCA, MCA- CS, M.Sc. IT, PGDBA, PGDCA, PGDIT, PGDTN, BBA, BCA, B.Sc.IT, B.Sc. NT, ADCA, DCA, DIT, MAJM, BAJM, M.Sc., B.Sc., M.COM, B.COM, MA-BA and many more.

Contact Details of Arth Prakash Institute

Address: Arth Prakash building, opp. Tribune colony, sector 29d, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160030

Collage Phone Number: 099150 33336

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What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is one of the most popular and sought-after undergraduate degree programs pursued by students after class 12. BBA course is a gateway to a plethora of job opportunities in many sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales. and government to name a few.

BBA is a three years professional undergraduate course in Business Management. It is open to students of all three streams: Science, Arts and Commerce. The BBA curriculum provides knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. There are around 4600 BBA colleges in India. Students who want to get into the field of management can pursue a BBA course after completing the 12th standard. The course will help the students to learn various aspects of business administration and management through practical projects such as classroom lectures and internships. The course will introduce the students to various aspects of business administration, markets, marketing trends etc.

Why Choose BBA?

1.Market Requirements

Presently, the Indian market is expanding at an accelerated rate. As existing companies are expanding in size, so have new start-ups. All these companies require candidates with good business and operations knowledge. Candidates with a BBA degree can easily become part of a core business/operations/strategy team or act as a point of contact between the workforce and senior-level management.

2. Exposure and Experience

Due to the nature of the BBA, most candidates work directly with a marketing, sales, operations or strategic team. This gives good exposure to market trends, strategic decision-making, etc. Candidates are able to develop skills related to the market and focus on the latest trends.

3.Development Scope

Candidates with BBA degrees, who have good exposure and relevant experience in the market, often develop rapidly. A diligent candidate can expect to rapidly climb the ladder and become a team lead or manager in four to five years. Such candidates can be further trained for mid-level and senior-level managerial roles.


Updated knowledge is one of the best benefits, and you get it with a BBA degree. The BBA curriculum is a well-designed curriculum that aims to teach the students as much as possible in the business world. The curriculum is also updated as per the latest trends and developments in the industry, giving a distinct advantage to the students. From best industry practices to the use of technology, BBA students are better equipped with knowledge.

5.It is a versatile degree

BBA degree is not just about getting a degree for the job you want. There is much more to it. While most degrees, especially at the undergraduate level, are more about theory, a BBA degree is a combination of theory, application of practical knowledge, and personality development. You also learn many different skills that will make you a complete professional and set you up for success.

6. Professional Degree

BBA is a fully professional degree that is of interest to students who are serious about pursuing a career in business and management. Students can get jobs in good companies immediately after getting their BBA degree. BBA holders have the highest employment rate as compared to other undergraduate degrees.

7.Higher Salary and Benefits

High salaries, along with excellent benefits, is one of the main goals of most professionals. BBA degree makes it possible. With this degree, you open doors to the best managerial and administrative professions where the pay and benefits are the best. You also get promotions very quickly, and when you change companies, you can get a decent increase in salary too, but it depends on your negotiating skills.

8.Personal Development

As mentioned earlier, a BBA degree is not just about education, you also learn about personality development. The degree teaches you to be a strong, confident individual who is capable of handling teams and running an entire company. You are taught to be a team leader and a good team player. You are also taught to be a good public speaker as you have to give a lot of presentations during your BBA education. By the end of your degree, you will be a more developed and healthier person.


Since BBA is a professional degree, and most students who graduate start working in the professional world, you will have a large network of people working in different companies. These people can open many doors for you regarding better jobs and more networking opportunities. And you can do the same for them. Networking Always Leads to Better Opportunities

10. Future Degree (MBA, PGDM, Executive MBA)

Another major advantage of pursuing a BBA degree is the wide choice of options available for future degrees (higher education). BBA courses are a great foundation to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) later on. MBA is an extension of BBA. In fact, many top universities and colleges (like IIM Indore) offer five-year integrated MBA + BBA courses.

Future Scope After BBA

International Career Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to work in international companies, jet-setting around the world, and in beautiful, new locations? This is what awaits you with a BBA degree that will qualify you to work abroad.

Some of the main industries where you can find a job abroad with BBA, the import and export industries employ a lot of management graduates to manage the operations and other aspects. All business is dependent on international trade. Outsourcing means sending work to a location that minimizes the cost of the entire operation. BBA graduates can find work in this industry and get a chance to work in outsourcing locations. BBA graduates can also find work in the trade of goods and services. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. Know the future scope of BBA degree abroad-direct admission in India for the 2021 session.

Analytical skills

International trade is one of the most receptive industries with respect to technological progress. Analytics is a big part of this progress. If your BBA degree includes the use of analytics tools and accounting and taxation software, you will have the opportunity to work abroad.

Businesses are being automated and technology will transform many industries. If you are a part of this change, you may get a job at a good international location. Analytics and software reduce costs, but they can also reduce employment. But a person who specializes in analytics and software will not lose his job. To deploy these tools and software, you do not need to be in one place, but for staff training, you will be travelling to many foreign locations.

Acquisition of talent

Some of the biggest countries in the West are happy to have foreign talent. However, they look for good qualifications, and BBA graduates are highly sought after by these companies. Know the future scope of BBA Degree Abroad-Direct Admission in India for the 2021 session.

Since BBA education in India is at par with foreign universities, they happily hire talented graduates from India. There is a shortage of management graduates in these countries, while India and China have a surplus of management graduates. Talent from abroad comes with a fresh perspective and new ideas. They provide insight into companies in new markets and business sectors, thus bringing opportunities for growth. Outsourcing management is also on the rise, and companies love it because they save a lot on operating costs and taxes in their company.


Globalization is the future. Thanks to easy travel and communication, the world has become a smaller place. Globalization is one of the reasons why BBA has scope abroad. There will be a lot of foreign jobs available for BBA graduates.

A few decades ago, you needed a lot of luck and vibe to get a job abroad, or you had to go and study in that country. but not anymore. Globalization is also increasing the quality of education. Due to exposure to international markets and international universities, courses in the country have improved and become at par with international standards. Globalization has also increased the job opportunities for BBA graduates in the country. Thanks to the openness of our markets, the world’s largest companies have business in India, and they employ the largest number of management graduates. Know the future scope of BBA Degree Abroad-Direct Admission in India for the 2021 session.


Distance education is a vast technology judgment for our generation and it has added a new level to higher education. It feels cheaper than a traditional classroom, and students are open to working on their own flexible schedules. Distance education provides a bright future to our education with its positive potential. Therefore we made the list of Top 5 BBA Distance Education in Chandigarh.

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