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MBA Distance Education

Distance MBA education Chandigarh program is offered to keep in mind the satisfaction of the students. This brings you the freedom to choose the option that suits you best. The top reason why one should be choosing a good distance MBA College in Chandigarh is the facilitation offered by the institution for good learning and development. It is expected that the tangible benefits of focusing on the industry interaction like the guest lectures, industry leader interaction, etc. for graduate students would be most important.

But the association with a good institution can always benefit the students with more comprehensive learning and development which is very important for successful careers. The main and most important reason why one should go for a Distance MBA in Chandigarh is that you can acquire a postgraduate degree without having to quit your full-time job. By joining the course, you not only increase your academic qualification but your chance to excel in the workplace increases as well. The Distance MBA in Chandigarh, customized by the top players, not only helps students gain the sought after degree, but also helps them climb up the corporate ladder with fresh managerial knowledge and skill set.

Along with the administration theories, Distance MBA in Chandigarh is still in the qualities of leadership, discipline, and balance which can apply in your day to day life, including your workplace. The delivery mode being flexible in this program. The Major advantage of Distance MBA in the Chandigarh program is that the course can be pursued along with full-time work, without restricting any professional commitments. Some students also tend to go for masters in another discipline but decide to get an MBA degree alongside, without wasting 2 more years.

What is Distance MBA?

A distance MBA degree is a postgraduate course pursued by students who have completed their bachelor’s in business administration or any other specialization. The duration of the Distance MBA course is 2 years which consists of 4 semesters of study. The Distance MBA Education can be pursued by graduates who are currently employed. The Distance MBA Syllabus gives a chance to explore certain practical aspects of management and practice that can be implemented in the current job where the candidate is being employed. Candidates have various job opportunities that are available in the Management organizations. Distance MBA Salary varies based on the organization and knowledge of the candidates.

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Benefits of Distance MBA Degree

A distance education MBA is less famous than a regular MBA. There are a lot of benefits of pursuing an MBA in a distanced manner.

Time Management: There is the adaptability of time in a distance MBA as compared to a regular MBA. People who are working can easily manage to pursue their MBA too, with the assistance of distance MBA.

Saves Time and Money: Through distance MBA, the students will not have to travel from one place to another which eventually helps them to save money and time. The time saved can be used in practicing more or to prepare for the semester exams. In case a student finds any doubt, then it can easily be cleared out by calling the professors or by dropping them a message.

Less Expensive: The correspondence MBA degree program is less expensive than the regular MBA programs because of which the students can easily pursue the program without having to think too much about the fees.

Technological Studying: Students need not carry heavy books and other such items to study. Instead, all the necessary study materials and other books are available on the official website or are sent to the students via email. The study materials are kept in an organized and systematic manner so that the students will not have to jump through every other book to find the current and on-going topic/page.

Do not have to Quit Job: One of the biggest advantages of a correspondence MBA degree is that the students will not have to quit their job in order to MBA. they can study and at the same time, earn money. After they have finished their MBA course, they can find another job or can be placed by the institute or university, itself.

Key Benefits of Distance MBA in Chandigarh

Those seeking participants who are searching for a distance MBA have value. In an effort to sort your query I hereby mention a few of the known benefits of pursuing a distance MBA. A distance MBA in Chandigarh offers a lot of advantages to students and working professionals.

  • Cost-Effectiveness -One of the foremost benefits of pursuing an MBA from correspondence learning is cost-effectiveness.
  • The cost of pursuing an MBA from correspondence learning is relatively low and affordable.
  • For students who wish to pursue their further studies but have a financial crisis or money shortage correspondence MBA is the best option for you.
  • Flexible program– unlike a full-time MBA program you need not attend hefty lectures or prepare mundane assignments on a daily basis. You have to be ready for MBA entrance exams on your own.
  • Approved by recognized authority– Distance MBA has gained massive popularity over the years. It is now approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission). There are hundreds of colleges offering correspondence learning programs to students.
  • Effective time management– Distance MBA program offers the flexibility of time over the traditional full-time MBA.
  • Unlike a full-time MBA, you don’t have to attend long tiring lectures. You have to follow your own study pattern.
  • The power of educational technology direct to your home– Distance MBA has greatly benefited from education technology and the rise in communication.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum– Many of the top administration organizations such as symbiosis and NMIMS university impart updated and relevant industry-relevant knowledge to students.
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Distance MBA Degree Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are admitted to the distance MBA degree program based on their performance in graduation, wherein in regular and full-time MBA program’s eligibility criteria, the candidates should have a valid score in XAT, CAT, MAT, CMAT. But in some institutions, an entrance exam is conducted at an institute level. Let us look at the eligibility criteria of various institutes/universities that provide distance education for the MBA program.

The common eligibility criteria for the distance MBA degree program is that the candidates should be holding a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

Distance MBA Syllabus

The syllabus of MBA distance education is not very different from the regular, full-time MBA program. In the following list, the aspirants can check the syllabus of the correspondence MBA prog. The syllabus is common in all universities/institutes.

  • Principles and Practice of Management
  • Management Economics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Law
  • Management Accounting
  • Production/Operation Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information system
  • Required Specialisations
  • Electives

Distance MBA Scope

The extent of having a distance MBA qualification is no less than having a regular MBA degree. If candidates have put in the right efforts to gain a distance MBA degree then they have gathered all the necessary managerial skills. Apart from the managerial skills, the applicants also get a decent salary package that starts from Rs 1.6 lakhs a year. There is an improvement in career growth as an MBA degree will boost career opportunities. Candidates will incorporate a managerial attitude and will know how to manage time. An innovative viewpoint will also be assimilated into a candidate.

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Careers Opportunities after Distance MBA

There are a lot of career opportunities that can be grabbed by the candidates after they have completed their correspondence MBA degree. the candidates get job opportunities from huge companies like Accenture, HDFC Bank, KPMG, Capgemini, and other such companies. Not only job opportunities, but candidates can also start their own business as they have gained all the necessary knowledge and skills to start an enterprise. Students who have pursued MBA in correspondence manner can have job profiles like human resources (HR) manager, marketing manager, operations manager, business development manager, human resources (HR) generalist, senior business analyst.

Career prospects

After completing the distance MBA program a candidate can find various opportunities in sectors like Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Human Resources, Accounting, Risk Management, etc. Jobs for such graduates range from the average finance and marketing executive roles to manager, corporate associate, portfolio manager, finance analyst, credit risk manager, HR manager, employee relation manager, brand managers, sales manager, digital media manager; also several roles in advertising and market research.

A distance MBA degree in International Business can fetch overseas jobs in import and export, shipping, consultancy, logistics, and international placement. IT management through distance mode is another specialization that offers promising prospects. Media & Communications is another field where an MBA degree will put you ahead of the rest.

Distance MBA graduates can also find suitable opportunities for themselves in government sectors. They are as much eligible to apply for government jobs as full-time MBA graduates. Banks, Railways, Airport, PSUs, etc. seek MBA graduates for multiple high-level posts.

Aspiring candidates must keep in mind that MBA in Operations through distance mode, however, is not a good idea. The course includes certain programs that require a physical presence in the class. In the absence of experience of practical application, job prospects in the market decrease. An MBA in distance mode is beneficial in case of specialization that doesn’t require practical applications.

"Distance MBA Education in Chandigarh"

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